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Collected How-To’s on Writing and Publishing Your Ebooks

Finally wanting to publish this a growing list of tips and tricks which I hadn’t put in any book or told anyone in particular about writing, publishing, and marketing books. These are in note form and may or may not flow from one to the other. (They might even seem to repeat…) I’ll post this when thing quit “bubbling up” – so you have the complete collection. Continue reading

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Blog Software For All Your Blogging Needs

Blogs are now being written by musicians, politicians, sports figures, novelists, newscasters as well as other known figures. It is this blog fever that has raised controversy. The fact that anyone can compose and regarding any subject matter under the sun, complaints about certain write-ups are an issue. In a lot of blogs, names are being mentioned; do bear in mind that although you are entitled to write anything that interests you in a blog, you have to be very careful and take in a lot of responsibility. Do not make any statements which can become controversial; or else, be very prepared. Continue reading

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